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posted 3 years ago

Can you recreate a similar header in pure CSS?

If you take a look at the official Google Blog at you will notice the nice transformation of the header when you scroll down.

official google blog header graphic

I am not referring to the bouncing colored balls here but to the top bar and the logo that minimize smoothly as you scroll down a bit and then stay on top only to extend again when you go back to the top.

As the whole website seems to heavily depend on javascript (it's actually blank when deactivated) it is hard to see if this is implemented in CSS or javascript.

Is something like this possible without any javascript in pure CSS? Can you give examples?

posted 4 years ago

Can you set page-level Custom Variables via Event Tracking in Google Analytics?

I need to save some custom variables but when I have the values _trackPage() was already called. So I thought I fire an event using _trackEvent().

However this seems to work only for visitor-level and visit-level variables. Can anyone confirm this?

posted 4 years ago

The condemned live longer – Is Abobe Flash going to stay after all?

Not long ago I thought Adobes Flash would probably die. Microsoft took a small piece of the cake with Silverlight while Apple banned Flash from the iPad altogether. Even Adobe themselves jumped the HTML5 train with Adobe Edge. Flash became uncool and nothing it seemed could be done with it that couldn’t be done with HTML5.

Now I guess I have to change my mind.

posted 4 years ago

Custom HTML on Facebook – How to create a Facebook Note on your profile or page

Last week I received a comment on my post about writing on a Facebook Page wall with no logged-in user asking if I could write an example how to post a note. Usually I don’t blog on request but I’ve never noticed this Facebook Notes feature before and found it to be quite a nice way to publish custom HTML on Facebook.

So I show you how and why in this blog post.

posted 4 years ago

Why do these divs break?

Take a look at my Facebook Canvas App.

Its layout is described as this:

<div id="canvas">
  <div id="sidebar">...</div>
  <div id="content">...</div>

The width of the Facebook Canvas iFrame is 760px while the total size of the sidebar is 180px and for the content is 580px which should nicely fit.

Since a few days ago without changes to the markup (!) the two divs are now positioned below instead of next to each other.

In Firefox you can see a disabled scrollbar as the reason but in Chrome there no such bar. Funnily in Chrome when you click on any of the filters in the left navigation the content div will bounce back to where it's supposed to be.

My question: can you spot what is causing this?

posted 4 years ago

[Just launched] Relaunched TV Guide App for Facebook powered by Symfony2;utm_campaign=blogpostpromotion

A few months ago we launched this app already but it got wiped again. Now after some refactoring and redesigning on our side and after some changes on the Facebook side (event creation no longer spawns a status update!) the app is live again still powered by Symfony2.

If you could find the time to test and report any problems that would be awesome!

posted 4 years ago

Using PHP Web Scraper Goutte in a Console Task in a Silex project

Since I discovered the free Facebook App hosting by heroku I keep wanting to make something useful out of it. So I thought about a small service app. Without going into details yet about its nature there was one immediate problem to be solved. How to get hold of the data? So I thought to scrape it off some website. I know this isn’t very nice but unfortunately there is no feed I can use.. And how to best scrape a website?

Use Goutte!

posted 4 years ago

Deploy your Silex and Twig powered Facebook App using Git onto free Heruko Cloud Hosting

More or less by accident I discovered that Facebook now teams up Heruko a San Francisco based hoster to provide easy hosting environments to Facebook App developers.

So I thought lets try it out and while I’m at it make it run Silex and Twig and show you how!

posted 4 years ago

1 additional step to automatically write on your Facebook Page wall AS the page itself using the Graph API

Today I’ve got a little addition to yesterdays post in which I explained 5 steps to post a status message to Facebook without a logged in user. Following that post you are able to post on your Facebook Page wall as yourself.

But you might want to post as the Page itself. So I documented that as well.

posted 4 years ago

5 steps to automatically write on your Facebook Page wall using the Graph API without a logged-in user;utm_campaign=blogpostpromotion

Yesterday I spend quite some time only to figure out how to access the Facebook Graph API without depending on the current user being logged in. Basically I want to be able to i.e. post a status message from my Facebook app to the wall of one of my pages without user credentials.

It’s not rocket science. :)