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posted 4 years ago

Getting Started with Google+ API

After doing my latest jQuery plugin for Google+, I would like to share a few tips to help you get started quickly with Google+ API.

Hope these tips were helpful to you, did you find other tips about Google+ API?

posted 4 years ago

Google+ Activity Widget - jQuery Plugin

As Google+ API was just released a couple days ago, it is time to have a posts widget for it. So, this widget was created to display your Google+ profile and slides down your recent posts with any attached images.

Hopefully I could get your feedback about this :)

posted 4 years ago

Buffer Proofs to Increase Clicks on Your Tweets by 200%

If you believe having a consistent presence on Twitter is important for you, I suggest you give Buffer a go.

posted 4 years ago

12 Fresh Google+ Apps, Tools and API Hacks

Although Google+ was launched more than a month ago, many applications and services have been already built on it. Which is really amazing considering the fact that, Google+ still don't have a public API.

posted 4 years ago

Working with HTML Fragments in jQuery

When you are working in jQuery with generated HTML fragments that are returned from AJAX, It is interesting to note these cases..

  • would appreciate your feedback..
posted 4 years ago

Twiends : Get More Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans & Youtube Viewers

Twiends is a remarkably innovative mechanism to get you more Twitter followers, Facebook page fans and Youtube viewers. Twiends is a seed-based; When you follow others you earn seeds from them, which you can offer as an incentive for others to follow you and promote your profile.

If you've tried other similar products, let me know..

posted 5 years ago

Twitter Score Bookmarklet - Klout Edition

This is my second take on "Twitter Score Bookmarklet" but this time using Klout instead of Topsy to quickly display online influence score of Twitter accounts.

what you think about this, was it useful to you too?

posted 5 years ago

Lazy Loading Videos

When you have a web page containing a video that will not be played until clicked, you can speedup page loading by applying this quick tip which you may have seen on Facebook.

posted 5 years ago

Twitter Rank of Your Website!

Powered by Topsy API, I created this rank checker prototype to calculate the Twitter rank of your website which indicates your realtime search visibility.

Your feedback is very appreciated!

posted 5 years ago

Quite Delicious Button - A jQuery Plugin

This is a share count button to encourage people to bookmark your content on Delicious. Although Delicious provides their own button and I tried before to style it differently, but still It didn't look quite uniform like other sharing buttons.