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I am a software developer working for a Philadelphia-based startup, Adminovate where I am building some really cool, super-secret, stuff.

I have worked extensively with Java, and even worked for a few years at Oracle. I also dabble in some of the dynamic languages like Python and Ruby (mostly Python).

I enjoy working on open source projects in my free time. I have a few projects on CodePlex. The most recent of which is a bcrypt implementation for .Net.

I am fascinated with game development, yet I haven't really done any (outside of some crazy mods for Half-Life and Quake 2 back in the day - ask my friends about the cluster grenade "incident").

Outside of that, I currently have a side project that hasn't really gotten off the ground. I'm kept really busy, and challenged, at Pearson (which is the way I like it!) I'm very interested in providing a service to the community (whichever community that may be). I just like the thought of other people using my stuff. I guess that's a shared feeling amongst developers and designers alike.