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posted 4 years ago

Why Does This Layout Mess up on iPad/iPhone?

This is killing me! I had to build this scrolling carousel custom post type thingy into a WordPress theme, and it works as it should in the desktop, but on iPad the carousel cuts off halfway from left, and on iPhone it cuts off like 20% from the left and I have no idea how to debug it, would REALLY appreciate any thoughts and input as I am stuck. Here is a link, thank you guys!

posted 4 years ago

API Data for Water Quality?

Has anyone come across or know of any API that I could query based on zip code or something to grab information on the water quality and contaminants in that area?

posted 4 years ago

Help with Magento multi store navigation

So here is what I am trying to accomplish;

I have a main store, and 6 other store views, like this:

Main Store - Residential Store - Commercial Store - Industrial Store - Lab Store - Wine Store - Hydro Store

I need the logo to always link back to the main store, main view. And I need each of the six stores, which are an always visible list, to link to their respective home pages. However, I can not get this to work.

I have the logo href set to ./ and it still seems to link to a "there is no CMS for that page" error. Does the setup I am trying to do make sense? Is there way to do this without hardcoding every link?

You can see the dev site, as it is, here

Thank you!

posted 4 years ago

How can I make a 'landing page' with links to different sections of Magento store?

Friend and I have a company, and I have an online store called NuWater Concepts that I am rebuilding. There are multiple sections, (or will be, rather) such as residential, commercial etc. Ideally, I would like visitors to land on the index page and have an option to choose which fits them best, and can navigate accordingly. I could just make a CMS page with links to categories I guess, but I want each section to be styled differently. I have very little Magento experience and was hoping for some input/direction. Any thoughts would be awesome, thanks!

posted 4 years ago

Is There a Plugin for a jQuery Site Introduction?

Need to make an animated type intro for a custom WordPress site I am building,

I need to accomplish, with jQuery preferably, a site intro that upon landing at the URL has a static image/background for a few seconds, then fades into a full screen (full browser) video, that is a few seconds, and after the video finally fades into the actual homepage.

Trust me I realize the annoyance of this but the client is very very specific, a video artist ;)

posted 4 years ago

Single Page Scrolling with Fixed Header?

I am using the Ariel Flesler ScrollTo… (is there a better one?) And have a fixed header that needs to remain on top of the window. How could I set the scrolling to think the header is the top of the window? It keeps scrolling underneath to the wrong starting point... ;)


posted 4 years ago

Online Stores and Sales Tax

I am creating an online store at Shopify, and can not figure out how to properly set up sales tax for California. Has anyone done this before? I can't be the only one in CA with a shopify store lol.

You are given the option to set a tax rate for a state, but CA has many different rates ranging from 7.25% - 9.75% .....

Anyone familiar with this kind of stuff? Would appreciate any input, thank you!

posted 4 years ago

Get off(line) | Web Directions

Great read on bringing your web site/app offline.

posted 4 years ago

WordPress Theme Option Image Uploader

Is there a "best practice" way to add an image uploader to a theme options page? I see Twenty-Eleven now has an options page built in, and a cool little color picker, but no image upload. I have seen a few tutorials on how to integrate one, but I want to make sure it is the "right" way. Uses the settings API if possible etc.

Thoughts? Links? Input? Thanks!