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posted 2 years ago

Right Bad Code Poster

New "Right Bad Code" poster design

posted 2 years ago

36 High-Quality Flat Design Resources

Came across this link while catching up on some reading today and thought I'd share.

posted 2 years ago

Direction Aware Hover Effect

This is kinda cool so I thought I'd share.

posted 2 years ago

Design Donation Logo Refresh

I was looking at the logo I design 3 years ago and came to the conclusion that it just looks old. So I decided to fresh'n it up a bit.

posted 2 years ago


Cool resource that I found and thought would be nice to share with you all. A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.

posted 2 years ago

Native Equivalents of jQuery

Came across a nice post by Lee Brimelow from Adobe that I thought would be a good resource for those of you who are or aspiring Front-end Developers.

He documents many of the functions we use in jQuery in their native JavaScript syntax.

posted 2 years ago

20 Flawless Flat Icon Sets Which Works Perfectly On Any Modern Graphic Design Project

I came across this link on and felt it would be a good resource to share.

posted 2 years ago

This Is Responsive

Patterns, resources and news for creating responsive web experiences.

posted 2 years ago

List of Pseudo-Elements to Style Form Controls

Styling form elements is a pain point when developing web applications. Historically, web developers have had to accept the form controls the browser provided with little hope of customization. However, web rendering engines are increasingly adding hooks through pseudo-elements to give authors some control over the display.

posted 2 years ago

Apple iPad App Development: 5 Common Mistake Newbie Designers and Developers Must Avoid

The fourth-generation iPad is in the market and the fifth-gen version will be here within a few months. As the popularity of this groundbreaking smart mobile device continues to increase, it can be safely assumed that more and more software professionals will learn the skills needed to design and developer iPad apps.

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