How do I fix NordVPN Password Verification Failed Auth Error?

Juhil Mendpara

Content Manager

NordVPN is among our favorite VPNs. No doubt about that. However, as with any other VPN or product/service, in general, it isn’t perfect. Many of NordVPN’s users have complained about the “PASSWORD: Verification Failed: Auth” error.

With this article, we aim to provide a few tried & tested options to resolve the “Auth” error. To keep this article transparent, we’d like to mention- we haven’t faced this error.


However, based on other people’s experiences & research, this article is a compilation of everything that has worked for many in regards to fixing this error. 

Without further ado, let’s start.

1. The classic- Logout & Login / Update

“Hey, my computer’s not working properly.”





Don’t lie. You have had this conversation with someone or yourself. And it has worked for you most of the time. Well, our first recommendation is the same:  log out & then log in.

Many times software glitch tends to create errors such as the “Auth” one. Simply logging out of your NordVPN account & logging in can do the trick. To logout:

  • Click on the Settings icon (gear-shaped).

  • On the left-hand side, among many options, at the very end, you’ll see the Logout option. Click on it.

  • Now, log in as you did the first time.

See if the issue persists or not. Also, check the version of the app you’re using. If it’s not up to date, update it. Sometimes such bugs get fixed with a simple patch. If the Auth error still appears, try the next fix(es).

2. Again, the classic- uninstall & reinstall

Like restarting, reinstalling can also fix the Auth error of your NordVPN. People have complained about the same error appearing in multiple devices, so uninstalling depends on the OS you use.

For Windows:

  • Go to Control Panel

  • Click on Programs

  • Click on Programs & Features

  • You’ll see a list of apps installed on your computer. Look for “NordVPN,” “NordVPN Network TAP,” and “NordVPN Network TUN.” Remove all three.

  • Now, download the app from & install it.

For Android

  • Open Play Store

  • Search for NordVPN

  • Click on Uninstall

  • Once it’s uninstalled, an Install button will appear. Use it to reinstall.

Similarly, you can uninstall & re-install the NordVPN app/extension on any other device. It has fixed the Auth error for numerous users.

3. Disable anti-malware software(s)/firewall

A VPN’s typical usage includes providing online security & privacy. Therefore, sometimes, your antivirus software or the OS’s firewall sees it as a (network) security threat to your device, and hence block it. 

Merely allowing NordVPN through the system can solve this problem.

  • Either disable the anti-malware software and/or firewall altogether.

  • Or add NordVPN as an exception. Add the following exceptions to your program (for Windows PC):

    • %ProgramFiles% (x86)\NordVPN\NordVPN.exe

    • %ProgramFiles% (x86)\NordVPN\nordvpn-service.exe

    • %ProgramFiles% (x86)\NordVPN\Resources\Binaries\64bit\openvpn-nordvpn.exe

    • %ProgramFiles% (x86)\NordVPN\Resources\Binaries\32bit\openvpn-nordvpn.exe

 This will probably fix the Verification Failed: Auth error. If it doesn’t, try the next solution.

4. Disable CyberSec, Invisibility on LAN, and Obfuscated Servers Settings

Many users’ Auth error has been solved by disabling CyberSec, Invisibility on LAN, and Obfuscated Servers settings. It’s a common bug that will probably be solved sooner rather than later. 

To disable,

  • Click on the Settings icon.

  • In General, you will find the CyberSec option. Toggle off if it’s on.

  • Now click on the Advanced tab on the left-hand side. Disable the Invisibility on LAN & Obfuscated Servers Settings options you see there.

  • Restart the app/extension. Hopefully, the Auth error is gone.

Indeed you’ll be losing a couple of NordVPN’s features by doing so. However, this will help you get rid of the error & surf the internet privately.

5. Change the password

Simply changing the password has also worked for a few users. It’s probably because you have opened the account using many devices or shared the password with your friends/family. 

To change the password, log out first. On the login page, you’ll see the forgot your password? link. Click on it and enter the relevant email. You will receive a link to reset the password. Open the link & create a new password. Next, log in. That’s it.

Final words

NordVPN Password Verification Failed Auth Error has been a common problem amongst many NordVPN users. Though we haven’t had any such problem (otherwise we would have mentioned it in our NordVPN review, it’s our duty ⁠— a commitment rather ⁠— to help you solve issues faced while using our recommended product.

We hope one of these methods fixed the error for you. If it didn’t, NordVPN’s customer support is fantastic. Contact them.

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