Best Cloud Hosting Services in India - Fast & Secure

Daren Low

Editor in Chief

If you are starting a website and are confident it will grow, then cloud hosting is perhaps the best choice. This is because it’s extremely scalable (even auto-scalable for times like traffic spikes), and you pay for the resources you use.

Apart from the scalability aspect, cloud architecture helps achieve the ideal uptime & extraordinary performance across the globe. Plus, other features like disaster recovery don’t harm either.

Yes, you won’t have full control over the server, nor would it be as cheap as shared hosting, but for the latest & greatest cloud hosting offers, it’s worth it. And when it comes to cloud hosting services the following companies provide, it’s more than worth it!

4 Fast & Secure Best Cloud Hosting Providers in India


Forrst rating

Price (per month) 

Top features

Best Overall in India
best cloud hosting

From Rs. 599/month

  • Affordable
  • 99.99% uptime
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • UPI, Debit Card and Paytm payments available
Ideal for Cloud Hosting
best cloud hosting

From $30/month

  • Outstanding performance
  • Google Cloud-based
  • Best-in-India server response time
  • Managed WordPress
best cloud hosting

From ~ INR 367/mo. Or $4.99/month

  • Unmetered storage & bandwidth
  • Numerous freebies
  • Performance-first hosting
  • Free migrations
  • UPI, Debit Card or Paytm payment not available
best cloud hosting

From $2.68/month

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free domain & SSL

Mini-Reviews of the Four Best Cloud Hosting in India

The five hosting providers we chose are undoubtedly “bang for the buck.” The “buck” or the budget can vary from person to person, so we’ve tried to list at least one option for everyone. Still, if any choice doesn’t fit your need, let us know; we’ll try to help you find the best alternative.

Overall Uptime

Average server response time:

~180 ms

Average server response time(in India): 

~212 ms

starts at INR 599/mo

What we love:

  • Value for money
  • Payment options: UPI, Paytm, Netbanking, Debit card
  • Almost 100% uptime
  • Free SSL & Domain

For hosting multiple sites on a cloud platform at an affordable price, Hostinger is the best provider, in our opinion. It’s fully managed, but, at the same time, you can manage your server using tools in their custom control panel. For top performance, all cloud plans come with a free dedicated IP, inbuilt caching, and dedicated resources.

The ₹599/month Startup plan includes 3 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD storage, and 2 CPU cores. For multiple high-traffic websites, going with either ₹1,099/month Professional package or the Google cloud-powered ₹3,999/month Cloud Global pack would be wise.

Overall Uptime

Average server speed

~180 ms

Average server speed(in India)
~2 ms

starts at $30/month

What we love:

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • 24 global locations (including India)
  • The absolute best WordPress performance
  • 100% uptime

Kinsta offers only one type of hosting, and if we were to describe it in one line, it would go something like, “Premium, Google Cloud Platform-based, Managed WordPress hosting that performs like no other.” Yes, Kinsta sells cloud hosting exclusively, and yes, it seems overpriced, but what you are getting in return ⁠— in terms of performance, features, and support ⁠— directly places it in any best web hosting list, whether it’s best cheap webhosting or the best WordPress Hosting.

As for plans & pricing, they charge based on multiple factors, from the number of websites to the number of visitors. The cheapest of all packs costs $30/month and is suitable for about 25k visitors/month. The numbers go up to $1500/month for their Enterprise-level plan, which allows 150 sites and can handle up to 3 million visitors/month.

Overall Uptime

Average server speed
 ~180 ms

Average server speed(in India)
 ~205 ms

starts at ~ Rs. 367/mo. or $4.99/mo

What we love:

  • High-performance storage
  • Hassle-free money-back guarantee
  • Root access

A2’s cloud hosting plans are developer-friendly & performance-friendly. And their Guru crew support & custom software is customer-friendly. As for the prices, it’s pocket-friendly. All of these sounds poetic, but that’s what A2 cloud hosting is- affordable, reliable, scalable, and tweakable.

They run virtual private servers with cloud architecture, and they have two types: Standard VPS & Turbo VPS. The Standard VPS plans start from $4.99/month and come with SSD storage. The Turbo VPS plans cost from $29.99/month, comes with NVMe storage, and uses 20x faster, i.e., low-density Turbo servers.

Overall Uptime

Average server speed

Average server speed(in India)
~212 ms

starts at $2.75/mo

What we love:

  • Scalability
  • Dashboard tools
  • Low-density servers
  • Free SSL and Domain

If you have only one site to host and are looking for a cheap cloud solution, HostGator’s Hatchling plan is the best ⁠— even better value than Hostinger (quite a shocker!). And once your site starts growing, upgrade the plan in one click, without any need for data migration, downtime, or reset. Moreover, you get 2x more server resources than their base shared plan (which, BTW, is among our top recommended shared hosting), making it the right choice for performance.

The above-mentioned Hatchling plan costs a mere $2.68/month. It is fantastic because of 2 GB memory, 2 CPU cores, and a couple of freebies ⁠— i.e., the same things you get for a comparatively expensive Hostinger pack. The other two cloud plans, Baby & Business, are also affordable. One costs $3.58/month, and the other’s just $5.38/month.

Ingredients that make a great cloud hosting provider

Cloud hosting is a great concept/technology, no doubt. However, how the company providing cloud hosting implements it can make a lot of difference. Therefore, checking for these things when picking a cloud hosting is crucial:

1. Infrastructure

Fundamentally, cloud hosting is all about using multiple servers, instead of a traditional single server, to run a site. This is what makes it reliable ⁠— if one server dies, there’s another one to serve the users.

Therefore, knowing the provider’s server infrastructure is essential. Data centers’ locations should be far apart for business continuity and recovery if something were to happen at the server location. 

2. Scalability

One of the primary reasons to choose cloud hosting is it’s scalable. If you are, say, an affiliate marketer, and are using a cloud hosting plan to host many sites, it’s necessary to know how scalable the plan is. Maybe you started with a plan that can handle only 10,000 visitors, and the provider mentions it’s 4x scalable, then also it’s suitable merely for 40k visits. 

Moreover, you also want to know if it’s auto-scalable. If it is, you can calmly sit and see all those traffic spikes during Black Friday and other shopping sprees. If it’s not, well, your site can face downtime.

3. Performance

Performance is another reason to choose cloud hosting. Indeed, its infrastructure makes it the best type of hosting for reliability/uptime, but the actual uptime depends on the service provider. Besides, the website speed is also dependent on different elements associated with the hosting provider (like the data center location or hardware used).

4. Other constants

Performance is a constant factor you need to look at when choosing any type of hosting. Similarly, there are other constants, such as:

  • Good customer support to resolve issues/queries.
  • Pricing because, hey, not everyone can afford Kinsta.
  • And features like free domain name, free SSL, backups, etc.

Know the details of everything mentioned above, and you will find the ideal cloud hosting for your website.

Overall - Best Cloud Hosting in India

We have tested and researched tens of cloud hosting providers in India. Many were good, but the following four are unmatchable:

  •  Hostinger: An affordable provider, especially if you want to host multiple small to medium-sized sites.
  • Kinsta:  A GCP-powered performance beast for WordPress users who don’t mind spending for quality.
  • A2 Hosting:  A great cloud host for developers and non-techies alike.
  • Hostgator:  It’s the cheapest of the lot and an excellent choice for beginners.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with either of these unless you don’t know what kind of resources/plan you need. Besides, it’s quite natural not to know what “2 GB RAM” translates to in terms of real-time traffic handling capacity. So, know such things first, and then look for a cloud host. Peace.