Hosting Raja Review 2020

Complete breakdown of Hosting Raja and it's services. How they fare as a web hosting service provider in India.

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Not Recommended

Starts at RS 65 per month

  • Poor average server response time
  • No money-back guarantee
  • More than 2 hours of average downtime per month
  • Terrible support
  • Slow servers

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To date, we have listed our top five web hosting providers in India, wrote in-depth reviews on each one of them, and have written reviews on two not-much-recommended hosting providers- GoDaddy and InMotion. 

The commonality between them was all seven compete globally. None of them were India-only providers. With our today’s article, we will break that trend.

In this article, we’ll have a look at Hosting Raja’s offering from a subjective as well as objective standpoint. The primary rating factors will be the same as always, i.e., uptime, speed, support, and value for money.

Want a sneak peek on our verdict? Do not opt for Hosting Raja! We would advise GoDaddy (a provider we don’t recommend) over Hosting Raja at any given moment of a nanosecond.  

Anywho, let’s start with the review.

Overview - Hosting Raja

Our ratings

D | 1.5/5

Average response time

~320 ms

Avg. response times in top-targeted countries

US: ~ 240 ms | India: ~ 60 ms


99.71% (guarantees 99.9%)


Chat & email ticket

Site transfer


Introductory Pricing

Starts at INR 45/mo. (on a 5-year tenure)

Top features

40 GB webspace, free emails

Company Information

Hosting Raja (which translates to “Hosting King”) is a fast-growing Indian hosting provider & domain registrar. As of 2018, it boasts of more than 150,000 customers. [We don’t know if those customers are still with them or not]  

Director of OVI Hosting Pvt. Ltd. (which is Hosting Raja’s parent company), Dhanasekar Mani, founded Hosting Raja in 2012. It started with web hosting services, including shared, dedicated, VPS, and Java hosting, to name the primary ones.

By 2016, i.e., within four years, it achieved the 100,000 customers goal. And by 2018, they had over 150,000 growth.

This fast growth led us to think this must be an excellent provider, and we decided to test it. Here’s what we found out:

Hosting Raja home

The 4 Good Elements of Hosting Raja Web Hosting

Contrary to what we thought before testing it, Hosting Raja is only good at a few things ⁠— that too are pretty basic or non-essential.

1. Excellent server response time in India

Given the fact that Hosting Raja is an Indian hosting company, i.e., with its servers in India, this one’s no surprise. The server response time of the site hosted with them is outstanding if measured from any place in India. In fact, whenever you visit, the chatbot literally displays, “Our servers network latency is ONLY 30 milliseconds. This is one of the fastest in India.”

The server response is the amount of time required by a web browser to render the HTML page from the accessed site’s server.

We checked our test site’s response time using Bitcatcha, a server response time measuring tool, and found it to be 57 ms when tested from Banglore.

Hosting Raja Response times

This is on par with comparatively expensive and our recommended providers like SiteGround and HostGator (which measured ~60 ms and ~3 ms, respectively, in India). 

However, it is better than our suggested alternative (due to the price point), i.e., Hostinger’s approx. 210 ms India response time. Not saying Hostinger’s response time is bad by any stretch; just showing Hosting Raja is better from this standpoint.

2. Free emails

Hosting Raja, just like almost every other hosting provider, give free emails to the users.

These are business emails, i.e., the ‘’ types. Such email addresses help you gain credibility, make you look professional, and help specify the purpose. For example, mailing from ‘’ more often than not means it has something to do with getting the user to buy/buy more.

With Hosting Raja’s base plan, you get ten such emails (compared to Hostinger’s one). This number increases with account upgradations.

In short, free emails is one of the few positives Hosting Raja brings to the table.

3. Free site transfer

If you own a site with other hosting providers and are thinking of shifting to Hosting Raja (for some crazy reason), they do offer free site transfer.

This isn’t mentioned in the details of their plans, but on asking them, we found out they do offer free site migration. 

It is a great option to have, but we believe you won’t be needing this after reading our review. And just so you know, Hostinger, too, provides free site transfer.

4. Disk space in quantity

Hosting Raja does a great job of providing excessive disk space.

Even on their base plan, Hosting Raja provides 40 GB SSD storage. This is fantastic to have if you just want to store data on their servers, but pretty much useless given the bandwidth they provide (we will discuss bandwidth later in this article).

Additionally, it’s commendable that they give SSD storage and not the cheaper HDD alternative. However, don’t expect it to be super high-performance storage like the ones found with Siteground or A2 hosting.

Anyway, compared to Hostinger’s 10 GB SSD storage, 40 GB is better. From a practical point of view, both are more than enough.

8 things Hosting Raja is bad at

The above were the only positives associated with Hosting Raja, according to us. All four elements are good to have but not among the most essential ones or the unique ones.

Why weren’t the crucial ones mentioned there, then? Well, because they are not so good at those. We’ll discuss them this “Cons” section:

1. Poor average server response time

We already discussed their excellent server response time in India. However, what we didn’t mention ⁠— and you probably noticed in the screenshot we attached there ⁠— is how terrible they are elsewhere.

Bitcatcha rated our test site’s server response time ‘C’ because the average server response time was approx. 320 ms. 

Compared to Google’s recommended 200 ms, it is significantly slower. In real life, this translates to increased bounce rate, inadequate SEO, lesser sales, and numerous other things that defy the purpose of trying to grow a website.

On the other hand, Hostinger (with an average response time of ~180 ms) and other alternatives are way better. In a nutshell, Hosting Raja is a big ‘No’ if you plan to cover more than just the Indian demographic.

2. Very limited bandwidth

More storage space is one of the major offerings Hosting Raja brings to the table. But their limited bandwidth dilutes the importance of that. Let’s see how.

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred from the server to the user and vice versa in a given amount of time.

Let’s understand this with an example of Hosting Raja’s base plan. Hosting Raja provides 5 GB monthly bandwidth on their base plan (the one with 40 GB storage). 

For example, this review page is about 200 KB, and if you and every visitor reads 4-5 such articles from our site, theoretically, 1 MB of bandwidth is used per user. This means a total of 5 GB/ 1 MB = ~5000 monthly users are allowed on the server. 

This is just a basic example with mostly text-based content. If it had been any visual content, the page size would have been more. This means the number of allowed monthly users would have decreased.

All in all, the massive storage space is merely a gimmick, and the too-limited-bandwidth is a significant “con” from Hosting Raja’s side. Compare this with Hostinger’s 100 GB bandwidth on their base plan, and you will start to understand why we are pushing Hostinger since the beginning. 

P.S. They will ask you to upgrade to their expensive plans even at the slightest limit-cross.

3. Slow servers

This one’s crucial ⁠— possibly the most vital element in choosing a hosting provider. The loading speed of Hosting Raja hosted sites is slower compared to other options. 


Let us first show the significance of loading time with a couple of statistics:

  • A 100-millisecond delay in website load time can hurt conversion rates by 7 percent. [Source]
  • On average, if your site is slower by one second, you can lose $2.5 million in yearly revenue, given your shop generates $100,000 per day.

When we tested the speed of our test site with a sample WordPress page, it loaded in nearly one second. That’s barely in the “should be” margin.

However, when we look at other options like Siteground(~600 ms), A2 Hosting (~500 ms), and Hostinger (~600 ms), Hosting Raja is way slower. Therefore, it’s not at all recommended.

4. Terrible support

If you thought only their speed and bandwidth are awful, wait till you hear about their support.

For us, the only thing that’s equally important as server speed is the provider’s technical support because that’s where a layman turns to when they are in trouble or don’t understand.

Firstly, let’s talk about the ways you can contact them. You can either communicate through live chat or generate a support ticket. 

In both cases, you can expect a delay like nowhere else. Our experience with their support can be described simply: Before they charged us, their support team was decent. After that, they were a bunch of laypeople with possibly no understanding of time or matter at hand.

Here’s what others have shared publically:

Reviews on Hosting Raja Support 1
Reviews on Hosting Raja Support 2
Reviews on Hosting Raja Support 3

These are a few of the hundreds of feedbacks people have posted on the internet. Meaning, it’s safe to say their support is horrible. 

And just if you are wondering, Hostinger’s support is way better than Hosting Raja’s. If you want the best support, Siteground is our choice.

5. Frequent downtimes

Okay. So, two of the must-be-good factors are simply bad. Here comes the third one: Uptime. Simply put, sites hosted with Hosting Raja go down the maximum time if compared with other providers’ tests we have done.

Uptime is the time during which a server is in operation.

In our experience, the uptime of Hosting Raja hosted site was 99.71% compared to others >99.9%. 99.71% means more than 2 hours of average downtime per month. This is despite getting a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Here are a few experiences of other people:

Hosting Raja Downtime Complain 1
Hosting Raja Downtime Complain 2

Overall, from ours and mostly from other people’s experiences, we understand their uptime is not up to the mark. If compared to Hostinger’s 99.97% uptime, Hosting Raja is worse and not recommended.

6. Too limited freebies

With Hosting Raja, there are no freebies, apart from the free site transfer and emails. This is our nitpicking, especially considering the price point. A negative point, nevertheless. 

Hostinger, which comes with a similar price tag, offers a free SSL certificate. And given Cloudflare provides a free SSL certificate, they should at least give a free SSL option.

7. Need to buy for at least two years, that too at double the sticker price

Hosting Raja’s Starter plan comes with Rs 45/month price tag. But, this is only applicable if you purchase a five-year plan. The least duration plan of theirs is the two-year plan, which costs Rs 89/month.

Hostinger’s 2-year plan costs $0.99/month or Rs 45/month. If compared, Hosting Raja that claims to be amongst the cheapest web-hosting providers in India, costs almost double than Hostinger. This (affordable costing) is the reason we have been pushing Hostinger instead of better alternatives like Siteground.

8. No money-back guarantee

Finally, and here’s a shocker: Hosting Raja doesn’t mention any money-back guarantee throughout their site. 

Meaning, if you purchase a plan (and you have to buy for a minimum of 2 years, BTW), your money is stuck with them whether you like it or not.

Hostinger, or any hosting provider as of that matter, comes with a 30-day or more money-back guarantee. This provides you a window to test the service.   

All these points to one thing: Do not purchase anything from Hosting Raja!

Hosting Raja Plans & Features

Till now, we gave our subjective review of Hosting Raja’s web hosting/shared plans. They have other types of hosting as well. Let’s have an objective look at everything Hosting Raja provides. We will mention the price and the primary data of each plan

Web Hosting Plans

Hosting Raja Shared Hosting Plans
  • Starter: This plan costs INR 45/month. You can host only one website on a 40 GB SSD server. Moreover, the plan consists of 5 GB bandwidth, 10 emails, free monthly backup, and 2 FTP accounts.
  • Silver: This plan costs INR 85/month. You can host up to three websites on a 100 GB SSD server. Moreover, the plan consists of 20 GB bandwidth, 50 emails, free monthly backup, and 10 FTP accounts.
  • Gold: This plan costs INR 161/month. You can host up to five websites on a 120 GB SSD server. Moreover, the plan consists of 100 GB bandwidth, 250 emails, free monthly backup, and unlimited FTP accounts. Additionally, they give you a drag-and-drop website builder, a free .in domain, and high priority support.
Hosting Raja Premium Shared Hosting Plans

These are their premium shared plans that offer to host unlimited domains and unlimited FTP users on unlimited storage and bandwidth server. Plus, they offer a free .in or .com domain, drag & drop site builder, weekly & monthly backup, and high priority support.

Technically, the “unlimited” resources are no unlimited because there are limitations to the server. Plus, Hosting Raja is notorious for having multiple concurrent users on their unlimited plans. Anyway, these are the plans. 

  • Unlimited: This plan costs INR 204/month, and comes with 1 GB RAM.
  • Premium SME: This plan costs INR 204/month, and comes with 2 GB RAM.
  • Premium corporate: This plan costs INR 204/month, and comes with 3 GB RAM and more CPU power.

All of the costs mentioned above apply only if you purchase on a 5-year tenure. 


Hosting Raja Wordpress Hosting Plans

These are their WordPress plans that come with 250+ free themes, free SSL certificate, and unlimited SSD disk space and bandwidth:

  • WordPress Silver: This plan costs INR 149/month. It comes with 1 GB RAM, 10 emails, and can handle 20,000 visitors in a day. 
  • WordPress Gold: This plan costs INR 249/month. It comes with 2 GB RAM, 20 emails, slightly better CPU power, and can handle 20,000 visitors in a day. 
  • WordPress Platinum: This plan costs INR 349/month. It comes with 2 GB RAM, 30 emails, more CPU power, and can handle 100,000 visitors in a day. 

The costs mentioned are for a 3-year plan.

Hosting Raja Wordpress Web Hosting Plans

These three plans come with everything the other plans offer ⁠— just they have more & dedicated resources. 

  • WordPress - VPS: This is their VPS-based plan and costs INR 899/month. You get 3 CPU cores, 3 GB RAM, 90 GB storage, 3000 GB bandwidth, and one private IP address.
  • WordPress - VPS: This is their VPS-based plan and costs INR 1699/month. You get 4 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, 120 GB storage, 4000 GB bandwidth, and one private IP address.
  • WordPress - Dedicated: This is their dedicated plan and costs INR 3299/month. You get 4 CPU cores, 6 GB RAM, 512 GB storage, 5 TB bandwidth, and one private IP address.

The costs mentioned are for a 1-year plan.


Hosting Raja VPS Hosting Plans
  • Basic VPS: This plan’s priced at INR 549/month. You get a dual-core CPU, 2 GB RAM, 40 GB storage, and 1 TB bandwidth.
  • Value VPS: This plan’s priced at INR 699/month. You get a dual-core CPU, 2 GB RAM, 60 GB storage, and 2 TB bandwidth.
  • Premium VPS: This plan’s priced at INR 899/month. You get a three-core CPU, 3 GB RAM, 90 GB storage, and 3000 GB bandwidth. This plan also comes with a free SSL certificate.
Hosting Raja eCommerce Hosting Plans
  • Extreme VPS: This plan’s priced at INR 1699/month. You get a 4 core CPU, 4 GB RAM, 120 GB storage, 4000 GB bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate.
  • Premium Ecommerce: This plan’s priced at INR 3999/month. You get a 4 core CPU, 5 GB RAM, 200 GB storage, 10000 GB bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate.
  • Extreme Ecommerce: This plan’s priced at INR 5499/month. You get a 6 core CPU, 6 GB RAM, 250 GB storage, 20000 GB bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate.


Hosting Raja’s dedicated plans come with a free SSL certificate, 1 dedicated IP address, high priority support, and numerous checkers & optimizers.

Hosting Raja’s dedicated plans
  • Basic Server: This plan’s priced at INR 3299/month. The resources include 512 GB storage, 4 core & 9.60 GHz CPU, 6 GB RAM, and 5 TB bandwidth.
  • Value Server: This plan’s priced at INR 4799/month. The resources include 1 TB storage, 4 core & 9.60 GHz CPU, 16 GB RAM, and 10 TB bandwidth.
  • Silver Server: This plan’s priced at INR 6799/month. The resources include 1.5 TB storage, 6 core & 14.4 GHz CPU, 24 GB RAM, and 10 TB bandwidth.
  • Gold Server: This plan’s priced at INR 11415/month. The resources include 2 TB storage, 8 core & 19.20 GHz CPU, 32 GB RAM, and 15 TB bandwidth.


These are their cloud architecture plans that you can buy on monthly as well as an hourly basis:

Hosting Raja Cloud Hosting Plans
  • Nano Cloud: This plan costs INR 1081/month or INR 1.4/month. The resources include 80 GB disk space, 2 core, 2 GB RAM, and 3 TB bandwidth.
  • Micro Cloud: This plan costs INR 2153/month or INR 2.9/month. The resources include 60 GB disk space, 4 core, 4 GB RAM, and 4 TB bandwidth.
  • Medium Cloud: This plan costs INR 4306/month or INR 5.9/month. The resources include 80 GB disk space, 4 core, 8 GB RAM, and 5 TB bandwidth.

Apart from all the mentioned plans, there are plans optimized explicitly for Java, Python, and NodeJS. This quite familiar to Wordpress plans ⁠— meaning: the fundamental architecture is one of their other plans, and they have specific optimization for the platform/language.

Overall, Hosting Raja has a myriad of hosting options you can choose from.

Hosting Raja Control Panel

Hosting Raj uses the widespread cPanel, which we love for the all-functionalities-atone-place but dislike for the aesthetics.

  • In the panel, you can manage the free emails we discussed. You can create emails, set forwards to all the incoming mail, route emails, set autoresponder, and do much more.
  • You can also manage domains and subdomains.
  • Installing apps such as WordPress is pretty straightforward, too.
  • Adding and managing files is just a few clicks.
  • Additionally, you can access databases, metrics, security, SSH, and do everything you need from the backend.

Overall, Hosting Raja’s control panel is pretty good and gets the job done.

Conclusion | Do we recommend Hosting Raja?

Obviously not!

Their VPS and Dedicated plans do seem worth recommending, but their web hosting plans are sub-substandard.

The only place they are good at includes some non-necessary things like more-than-required storage or some un-unique things such as free emails and site transfers.

However, when it comes to crucial features a hosting service must have, they are merely subpar. The average global server response time is poor, the servers are slow, the uptime is horrible, and the customer support is terrible. Plus, they don’t provide freebies of a money-back guarantee.


Here’s what we would suggest: If low-budget is the only reason why you are considering Hosting Raja, go for Hostinger. It cost comparatively lower and is a fantastic value for money. 

And, if the budget is not a constrain, we would suggest Siteground or any other from our top recommended.

That’s it!

  • Uptime 99.97%
  • ​Average response time - 180 ms
  •  Free Site transfer
  • 24/7 live chat

starts at $0.99 per month


​Starts at


/ month

• Uptime 99.99%

• 24/7 chat, tickets, and calls

•Officially recommended by WordPress