MilesWeb Review 2022: Do we Recommend it?

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Not Recommended!


  • Dubious money-back guarantee
  • No automated backups included
  • Good, but Hostinger is better in segment

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Of the super-affordable web hosts we have tested to date, MilesWeb is undoubtedly in the top-3 cheap web hosts in India. In fact, it sets a new boundary for cheap, and the value you get for the money is incredible.

Still, a couple of aspects of MilesWeb did bother us, keeping Hostinger the #1 cheap web host in India. What are those aspects? We’ll discuss them and more in this comprehensive MilesWeb review. We’ll take you through a bit of MilesWeb history and move on to the meat of this review, i.e., performance stats, customer support review, features lists, etc.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

MilesWeb Overview

Here’s everything about MilesWeb in brief:

Our ratings

B+ | 3.5/5

Average response time

~190 ms

Avg. response times in top-targeted countries

US: ~ 250 ms | India: ~ 5 ms




Live chat and email/support ticket

Site transfer

Free, DIY

Introductory Pricing

Starts at INR 40/mo (exc. GST)

Top features

Free SSL, 30-day money-back guarantee, free emails, 99.95% uptime guarantee

Company Information

Established in 2012, MilesWeb is a Maharashtra-based web solutions provider. Founders Deepak Kori, Chetan Mahale, and Chinmay Dingore founded it to offer reliable & fast yet affordable web hosting. And so far, they’ve been able to achieve that goal, in our opinion.

MilesWeb Overview

MilesWeb has nearly 30,000 happy customers. And we believe it when we say “happy” because we’ve found the following to be true:

5 Things Good about MilesWeb

1. Awesome performance

One thing you’d least expect from a hosting as cheap as MilesWeb is a good server response time (or SRT), loading time, and uptime. But guess what? MilesWeb nails it for the price.

Server response time

Thanks to their data center in India, the server response time for the Indian demographic is phenomenal. 

Things Good about MilesWeb

In our test we found it only took 4 ms for the MilesWeb server to respond when requested from a machine in Bangalore. That’s as good as it gets! Here, we had opted for the India-based server for the best SRT in India; if your target audience is in other countries, MilesWeb also has data centers in the USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, and Australia.


Similarly, our Uptime test displayed over 99.97% uptime, totaled over our whole testing period. It’s not ideal, but still excellent. Plus, in a market that guarantees 99.9% uptime, MilesWeb believes in its services and gives a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

Loading time

MilesWeb uses fast SSD storage servers. Plus, it gives plenty of RAM and CPU for high-speed loading. As a result, our sample page took a mere 720 ms to load, which is well under the recommended 1-second. 

Overall, when it comes to performance, MilesWeb is a solid choice!

2. Swift customer support

You are in good hands when you host your site on MilesWeb servers. 

Got a common problem? Check out their extensive knowledgebase for answers related to web hosting, CMS, control panel, domains, SSL, database, CDN, and more. Alternatively, have a look at their YouTube tutorials[1].

Got a specific problem? Ask their customer support. Either submit a support ticket or chat with their 247/365 expert support agents. In our experience, the live chat agent responded swiftly and knew what he was talking about. For a broader dataset, we went through their excellent-rated TrustPilot[2] page and found remarks such as this one:

customer support

Now, that’s what we called an earned review...not that our experience wasn’t good enough, but 2 hours! Wow!

3. Great pricing structure

milesweb pricing structure

One thing that immediately catches your eye when you visit the MilesWeb homepage[3] is the highlighted “Buy and renew at the same cost!”

Generally, hosting providers give a heavily discounted introductory price; but as soon as it comes to renewal, the rates increase 2x-3x, even 10x-20x if you buy during a Black Friday sale or something.

With MilesWeb, this isn’t the case. You’ll renew at the initial cost. No gimmicks! 

4. Some essential freebies

Customers benefit from competitive industries such as web hosting massively. Even though MilesWeb is inexpensive, it offers (or rather, has to offer) the following features for free:

  • Free domain: In our opinion, this is a gimmick. You get a free .xyz  domain for the first year with all MilesWeb plans.
  • Free SSL certificate: A standard Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is installed on all sites on shared MilesWeb plans. It’s a great value-add considering the security & SEO benefits of SSL.
  • Free emails: Professional email accounts such as can be created for free on all MilesWeb plans.
  • Website Builder: Using free templates & the drag-and-drop functionality of MilesWeb’s builder, you can create your website in minutes.

5. Good security features

Other than the value-added features, features bettering your site’s and server’s security are present. This includes a network firewall, WAF, brute-force protection, malware protection, script-injection protection, 2-factor authentication, and more. 

There’s also an option for automated backups. If anything goes haywire, you can restore your site’s latest version and get going. 

2 Things that can be improved

1. The 30-day money-back guarantee policy can be bettered

We love money-back guarantees. It’s a kind of security for our readers in case our experience was good, influencing someone to buy that particular hosting or VPN, but their experience turns out bad. 

Like most hosting providers, MilesWeb gives a 30-day money-back guarantee. Unfortunately for the unaware users, if they want to leave MilesWeb within 30 days, they’ll for sure get a full refund...but in the form of MilesWeb credits.

2. Seems the cheapest but isn’t

The sticker price of Rs. 40 per month is attractive, especially when the reviews are positive as ours. Plus, when we still recommend Hostinger over MilesWeb as a cheap option, there’ll be many choosing MilesWeb because it’s slightly worse than the best in the range but significantly affordable.

Well, well, well. MilesWeb’s base pricing is similar to Hostinger’s Rs. 79/month. 

Let’s do some math. On top of 40 rupees, add a GST of about 9 rupees. That is an introductory price of Rs. 49/month. Now, add the automated backup cost of Rs. 9/month (it’s free with Hostinger), and the cost is Rs. 58/month, i.e., almost the same as Hostinger’s.

MilesWeb Plans and Features

MilesWeb sells almost every type of web hosting plan, including shared hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, dedicated server, and managed cloud (AWS & DO) hosting. Here’s what they have got under all these hosting types:

1. Shared Hosting

As mentioned, these plans come with a free SSL certificate, free emails, WordPress optimization, website builder, and more. Shared hosting is ideal for small-medium websites with decent traffic, and these three plans are suitable for small, medium, and multiple small/medium-sized websites, respectively:

MilesWeb Plans and Features


Price (per month)

No. of sites

Storage (GB)



INR 40





INR 130





INR 170




You have the same plans for both Linux and Windows shared hosting. The only difference is in the control panel and, of course, the OS. 

Similarly, the WordPress hosting plans are also the same, with the only difference being these plans are optimized for WordPress to run almost 2x faster.

2. VPS

For people wanting separate server resources for their medium to high-traffic sites, MilesWeb offers managed and unmanaged VPS solutions. The only difference between both types of plans is the pricing (and, obviously, managed/unmanaged part).


Price per month (Managed)

Price per month (Unmanaged)



Storage (SSD)



INR 630

INR 360

2 cores

2 GB

50 GB

500 GB


INR 1,050

INR 670

2 cores

4 GB

100 GB

500 GB


INR 1,960

INR 1,340

4 cores

8 GB

150 GB

1000 GB


INR 3,010

INR 2,150

6 cores

12 GB

200 GB

1000 GB


INR 4,060

INR 2,690

8 cores

16 GB

250 GB

2000 GB


INR 6,020

INR 4,290

12 cores

24 GB

300 GB

2000 GB

3. Reseller hosting

If you wish to white label a hosting service and sell it to clients, you can choose from one of their reseller plans. Each cPanel account gets 1 GB RAM & 1 CPU core, a free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, and the capacity to host unlimited sites. Here are the packages you can purchase: 


Price (per month)

No. of cPanel accounts

Storage (SSD)


INR 290


20 GB


INR 560


50 GB


INR 900


100 GB


INR 1,120


150 GB

4. Dedicated servers

MilesWeb also sells cheap dedicated servers, starting from a mere Rs. 4,999/month. The base plan includes an Intel Xeon E5-2609 2.4GHz (4 Cores) CPU, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB SAS storage, and 1 TB bandwidth.

Apart from the base plan, they have eight other plans, with the ultimate one costing Rs. 19,999/month. It includes 2 x E5-2680 2.8GHz (20 Cores + HT) CPU, 4x1.2TB SAS storage, 128 GB RAM, and 5 TB bandwidth.

Conclusion | Do we recommend MilesWeb?

Yes, but...

MilesWeb does a great job providing fast, secure, and reliable web hosting at a price even a school-going student can afford. And it's one of the top-3 in the range, without a doubt. 


Hostinger ⁠— which costs about the same as MilesWeb ⁠— performs slightly better, offers better features, and gives a solid money-back guarantee. Plus, it's a veteran with over 20 million users compared to MilesWeb's ~ 30k.

All in all, we recommend MilesWeb if looked at individually, but overall...Hostinger is a better choice in the price range, from our viewpoint.

  • Uptime 99.99%
  • Average response time - 180 ms
  • Free Site transfer
  • 24/7 live chat

starts at ₹79 per month

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Starts From

• Best uptime (99.99%)

• Fast, 0.4ms load time as average

• Good & quick customer support