4 Best Minecraft Hosting in India 2022

Daren Low

Editor in Chief

Hostinger is our favorite web hosting provider, whether it’s their shared servers, VPS, or WordPress plans. In all our tests, it over-delivered and gave the best bang for the buck. So it’s natural we test out their other services ⁠— one of which being Minecraft Hosting.

Because we were testing Hostinger’s Minecraft hosting, we decided to check other top names in the Minecraft hosting arena concurrently. We checked for JAR support, mod packs, locations, and more to find the best ones. These are the top four of all:

Note: You can set up a Minecraft server using a VPS or dedicated plan of almost all our recommended web hosts. However, this list includes the names that sell “Minecraft Hosting” as a separate service.

4 Best Minecraft Hosting

  1. Hostinger
  2. Apex Hosting
  3. Shockbyte
  4. Bisect Hosting


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Despite many names that exclusively offered Minecraft hosting, Hostinger ⁠— the ace of all trades ⁠— shone the best. With easy setup settings, full root access, Mod support, free MySQL, fast SSDs, 99.99% uptime, and tight security features, Hostinger offers the full pack any Minecraft multiplayer-lover will love. Moreover, you can choose from multiple data center locations, including the US, UK, Singapore, Netherlands, and Lithuania. (Tip: Choose the Singapore server if all the players are from India)

The range of plans include:

  • Alex (Rs. 639/month, 2 GB RAM, 2 core CPU) 
  • Villager (Rs. 935/month, 3 GB RAM, 3 core CPU)
  • Creeper (Rs. 1135/month, 4 GB RAM, 4 core CPU)
  • Herobrine (Rs. 1999/month, 6 GB RAM, 6 core CPU)
  • Enderman (Rs. 2999/month, 8 GB RAM, 8 core CPU)

We are not sure of their Minecraft knowledge ⁠— maybe they hired a PewDiePie fan just to name the plans. However, we are sure that no matter how many friends you want to play with, there’s one ideal Hostinger Minecraft plan for you.

Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting Minecraft

Apex Hosting’s URL (apexminecrafthosting.com) says it all. It’s one of those exclusive Minecraft server providers we mentioned. And it does a great job ⁠— great enough to easily replace Hostinger as the #1 Minecraft Hosting; however, because Hostinger includes all modpacks with all plans, it takes the crown. Apex beats Hostinger in terms of location options, though (18 vs. 5).

As for pricing, Apex has 9 different plans named 1 GB RAM, 2 GB RAM, 3 GB RAM, 4 GB RAM, 5 GB RAM, 6 GB RAM, 8 GB RAM, 10 GB RAM, and 15 GB RAM. The Mod packs access increase with the packages ⁠— you can access all mods from the 6 GB RAM plan. The pricing starts from $4.49/month and goes up to $59.99/month.

Shockbyte - Minecraft Server Hosting

shockbyte Minecraft Server Hosting

Shockbyte is also an exclusive Minecraft hosting provider. Its affordable pricing, Multicraft control panel, 100% uptime guarantee, all mod packs inclusion, and free subdomain offer make Shockbyte one of the best Minecraft hosts in the business. However, it only has servers in North America and Europe, making it a slightly dull deal for the Indian Minecraft players.

You can choose from their twelve pre-made plans (that’s from 1 GB RAM to 16 GB RAM, costing from $2.50/month to $40.00/month). Alternatively, you can build a custom server of up to 64 GB RAM. Either way, the plans are an extraordinary value-for-money if you are ok with NA or EU server.



Bisect has both budget packs and premium Minecraft servers. The budget pack includes all the basic features like setup, JAR support, DDoS protection, subdomain, etc., and limited slots. The premium ones include unlimited slots, mod pack installation and updates, multiple server locations, free daily backups, free Sponge installation, and more.

The price difference? Bisect has 20 plans for both premium & budget packs. The 1 GB RAM budget pack costs $2.99/month (up to 12 slots), whereas the premium plan costs $7.99/month. Similarly, the ultimate plan, i.e., the one with 32 GB RAM, costs $95.68/month (up to 160 slots) for budget setup & $159.68 for the premium setup.

FAQ - Minecraft Server Hosting (Short and direct answers)

What is Minecraft Hosting?

Minecraft hosting is a company-owned/player-owned hosting that’s needed to play Minecraft multiplayer online.

Benefits Of Running Your Own Minecraft Server

As the server owner, you can set your own rules (e.g., control landscapes & spawn rates), assign roles to others, install mods, and more. Moreover, it’s the only way to play multiplayer online if you & your friends aren’t connected to the same local network.  

What To Look For In Minecraft Server Hosting?

If it’s labeled “Minecraft hosting,” you typically do not need to check much. Just look for RAM, CPU, mods access, and a number of slots.

Is hosting a Minecraft server free?

Servers cost. If you plan to play multiplayer Minecraft online & own the server, you’ll need to pay for the server resources. Of course, there are a few free servers out there, but we recommend staying away from those.

How much minimum RAM is required for a Minecraft server?

Minecraft can run on as low as 1 GB RAM. However, we recommend going with at least  2 GB RAM for a smooth experience.

How much bandwidth does a Minecraft server use?

Typically, you’ll need 100 Mb bandwidth per hour per player. That’s a generous amount considering the ongoing operations & mod packs you’ll be installing. 


Want to play Minecraft with your friends but can’t meet at one place to play on LAN? Just rent a Minecraft server hosting! It doesn’t cost much ⁠— you can get started for as little as Rs. 300/month or $5/month, which is negligible if you decide to split with your Minecraft friends.

We recommend going with Hostinger for the best servers and easy setup. Get Hostinger’s basic Minecraft pack if only you and your friends want to play. If you are part of a community with hundreds of players, it’s wise to get a slightly premium plan like Hostinger’s Creeper plan.

All in all, know your requirements, get the Hostinger server!

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• Best uptime (99.99%)

• Fast, 0.4ms load time as average

• Good & quick customer support