WPX Hosting Review: Are they #1 Premium Host?

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 Very Good

  • High-Speed Custom CDN
  • Uptime: 99.99% 
  • 30 Second Average Live Chat Response Time 24/7/365
  • Free SSL Certificate

Starting from $20.83

per month

WPX Hosting is one of the very few names that truly represent “premium WordPress hosting.” This is to say that they provide value ⁠— in terms of performance, support, uptime, and all that good stuff ⁠— for the high price you pay. 

It’s a highly preferred web host by bloggers, affiliate marketers, and likes who use WordPress. In fact, it might be the #1 premium managed WordPress web hosting there is. But is it actually? That’s what you will find out in this WPX hosting review.

We tested WPX for server response time, page loading speed, customer support, uptime, security, and other features. This is what we found:  

WPX Hosting Overview

Our ratings

A+ | 4.5/5

Average response time

~ 80 ms

Avg. response times in India

~ 2 ms




24/7 live chat, Ticketing, and Phone support

Site transfer


Introductory Pricing

Starts at $20.83/mo

Top features

99.95% uptime guarantee, High-speed custom CDN, Automatic backups, Super-fast customer support

Company Information:

Terry Kyle founded WPX Hosting in 2013. His aim with the WPX project was simple: not letting business owners face what he did while being involved in several online businesses since 1998.

In Terry’s experience with several web hosting companies, he rightly found that seemingly cheap hosting solutions were no good. Inferior performance, frequent outages, bad UX, overcrowded servers, mediocre customer support...all of these were part of the package. With WPX, the team tries to provide the exact opposite: Premium service at a premium price.

Have they succeeded in doing so? Yes! And this review will show why we feel so.

9 Reasons Why WPX is Recommendable

1. WPX Cloud CDN

A couple of years ago, WPX launched its proprietary content delivery network or CDN. A CDN, if you don’t know, is a geographically distributed network of servers. With it enabled, the site visitor will be interacting with the nearest server of the network, facilitating faster loading and better availability.

The WPX cloud CDN is specifically designed for WordPress. In other words, all the servers of WPX’s content delivery network are like their main servers (located in the US, UK, and Australia): tweaked for best WordPress performance.

In total, the network includes 26 endpoints/proxy servers in locations including the USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, New Zealand, France, Japan, Singapore, China, India (Pune), South Africa, Bulgaria, Brazil, and Spain.

In other words, even though WPX doesn’t have a data center in India or Asia, its Pune server-point will deliver your site faster to the Indian audience.

wpx hosting review

Moreover, WPX cloud CDN is the primary reason behind WPX’s incredible ⁠— perhaps the best ⁠— server response time in India and elsewhere.

2. Super-fast page speed

WPX Hosting is the fastest WordPress hosting when it comes to static content websites like blogs & portfolio sites. The only reason why Kinsta is our favorite premium hosting is that it works fantastically with static as well as dynamic websites.

We tested WPX Hosting’s loading speed with a basic blog page on our test site. It loaded in a mere 350 ms, which is extraordinary considering the recommendation is to keep it under 1 second. 

There are many features that make this exceptional speed possible. We discussed the WPX cloud CDN already; these are the others:

  • PHP 7.X: PHP7 is the latest PHP version for WordPress sites. It’s about 3x better than commonly used PHP5 in many aspects like requests/second.
  • High-performance SSDs: WPX uses enterprise-grade solid-state drives to store your website data.
  • Low-density LiteSpeed servers: All the SSD servers WPX owns are never crowded, let alone overcrowded. This keeps your site speed fast, even with high real-time traffic. Moreover, WPX uses LiteSpeed web server software, which is miles ahead of almost all competitors.
  • Optimized caching: WPX’s caching solution (they recommend W3 cache) serves frequently-visited pages even faster.

All in all, WPX is a speedy beast.

3. The fastest expert customer support!

The internet works fast. And if your website lags behind because of some hosting/server problem, the competitors will get ahead. However, such issues are inevitable; therefore, having an expert team at your disposal is always a good idea.

WPX provides 24/7/365 customer support via support tickets, phone, and live chat. They offer a 30-second average support response time on live chat! In our experience, the response time was under five seconds on average. Now, that’s impressive.

Moreover, the support agents we connected with were professional and true WordPress & hosting experts.

wpx hosting review india
wpx hosting customer review

These reviews on Trustpilot and Facebook describe it better than we ever can. (FYI, WPX Hosting is the #1 rated web hosting on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.9/5)

4. 99.95% Uptime guarantee

Uptime is the total time (in %) throughout which your site-hosting server/computer is online. The ideal value is 100%, but sometimes, even Google’s servers are down.

WPX Hosting gives a 99.95% uptime guarantee, which is already better than the industry-standard 99.9% guarantee. Even more impressive is the fact that WPX was up for more than 99.99% of the time in our tests.

In short, WPX is a reliable web host.

5. Top-notch security features

Among the top reasons that can cause your website to go down is security. And when WPX offers a 99.95% uptime guarantee, you know they take care of security very seriously.

WPX has the following security measures running 24/7 for all the sites:

  • A custom WAF or Web Application Firewall
  • DDOS attack prevention by Incapsula
  • Daily malware scans & malicious file removal, including cleanup of malicious redirects,              backdoors, and script injections

Apart from these, the WPX Malware Team also audits specific sites if the need be.

6. Unlimited SSL certificates & Daily backups

These two are also, in a way, a part of security features; however, they are top-priority features and hence the separate mention. 

An SSL certificate is vital to keep visitors’ data secure. Moreover, Google considers it as a ranking factor. With WPX, all your sites have an SSL certificate enabled & ready for installation by default. Just click on the “Install FREE Certificate” under ‘SSL’ in the ‘Websites/SSL’ menu.

If the WPX’s security doesn’t work or you lose your site data somehow, there’s no need to worry. WPX takes daily backups of your site and stores them in separate servers. They keep all copies for 28 days, so you have quite a bandwidth if you forget to restore or don’t check your website every day.  Moreover, you can also take manual backups. 

7. Multiple websites on any plan

If you are starting your blogging or online business journey, you never know when a great idea pops up in your mind, and you need a new website for it.

With most web hosts’ starter plans, you can only host one website. Meaning, you will need to buy another hosting plan if you want to publish a second website. WPX lets you host multiple sites, even on its base plan.

8. Unlimited Site Migrations

If you are reading this review because your current web host is terrible and you want a new one, then you will find WPX’s this feature a great plus.

WPX lets you transfer as many WordPress sites as you want to their platform. You just need to ask their support team, and they will migrate it for you in under a day. In case you want to transfer all your website data to a new domain, they charge $98 due to the complexity & manual work involved. 

Note: You can transfer only if there’s an available slot on your hosting plan. E.g., If you choose WPX’s “Business” package, you can host up to 5 sites. ‘5’ here is the total number of domains, subdomains, and staging area sites.

9. WordPress Staging Area

Talking about staging area sites, WPX has its own staging area you can use to test your WordPress site. 

Say, for example, you want to try a new theme/plugin/script or simply want to update your current theme/plugin, you can use the WPX staging area to avoid errors. If the updates go flawlessly in the staging area, you can integrate those updates to the live site. 

Two things that can stop you from buying WPX

1. It’s costly

WPX Hosting is absolutely worth the price, but it’s costly and might not be for everyone. The cheapest plan costs more than $20/month, which might not be a value for money choice for many.

E.g., if you are a beginner starting a blog that most likely won’t get much traffic, then WPX is not worth it. You are better off choosing one of our recommended affordable web hosts.

2. Not ideal for big dynamic sites or huge-traffic sites

WPX plans are excellent for static sites with considerable yet not massive traffic. However, if a site attracts tens of thousands of real-time visitors, WPX won’t handle it properly. The same goes for dynamic sites (like Woocommerce stores) with considerable traffic.

Instead, we’d recommend Kinsta for big WordPress sites that generate massive numbers.

WPX control panel

wpx hosting control panel

WPX has built a custom control panel, and it’s good...better than the traditional cPanel but not as fun as Kinsta’s MyKinsta.

On the WPX panel, there are different menu items for different actions. This includes:

  • Dashboard with essential details.
  • Websites/SSL: From where you can install WordPress, free SSL certificate, check logs,                  create staging sites, and do much more.
  • Databases: Where you can view & manage, well, your site’s databases.
  • Email Boxes: We didn’t mention it above, but WPX lets you create unlimited professional          email accounts. And this is the place from where you can create and manage them.
  • File manager: Here, you can create, edit, or delete the website’s files & folders.
  • Backups: To create personal & manual backups or restore an auto-backed up copy.
  • WPX Cloud: You can enable/disable WPX cloud CDN from here.

Overall, everything about your WPX account can be managed from here.

WPX Hosting India

There’s no doubt WPX hosting is among the best premium web hosts out there. But how good is it for the Indian demographic? 

Well, WPX doesn’t have a datacenter anywhere near India. They have only three hosting locations: US, UK, and Australia. However, the WPX cloud CDN has a server endpoint in Pune, India. Meaning, all India-based visitors will be able to load your website fast.

In short, WPX hosting is suitable for India.

WPX Plans & Features

wpx hosting plans india review

WPX provides three managed WordPress hosting solutions. That’s it.

  • Business: Costing $20.83/month, this plan allows up to 5 websites on its 10 GB storage capacity. Plus, the amount of data transfer your site(s) can do is capped at 100 GB.
  • Professional: Priced at $41.58/month, this package is suitable for up to 15 websites with a total size of no more than 20 GB. The bandwidth limit on this plan is 200 GB.
  • Elite: At $83.25/month, you can host up to 35 websites on a 40 GB storage with this plan. The bandwidth is unmetered.

The mentioned prices apply only if you pre-pay for the whole year. If you wish to pay monthly, it costs slightly more. In case you buy it and don’t want it for any reason, you can get a full refund in the first 30 days of the purchase.

Conclusion: Do we recommend WPX Hosting?

100%. Yes!

WPX Hosting Review: Awesome if you can afford it and need it. It’s the best WordPress host for static websites, in our opinion. This is because of the following facts:

  • Sites using WPX load quickly, thanks to class-leading hardware, WPX cloud CDN, LiteSpeed servers, and other software tweaks.
  • Their 24/7/365 live chat is the fastest to reply among the web hosts we have worked with. Plus, all the members of the support team are WordPress experts.
  • The security features such as DDoS protection, Malware detection & removal, daily backups, free SSL certificates, and more keep your site healthy & you worry-free.
  • Other additions like the 99.95% guarantee, free emails, 1-click WordPress install, WordPress staging area, WordPress site migration, etc., make for a great overall package.

Overall: It’s fast. It’s secure. It’s premium. It’s worth it. Go for it!

  • High-Speed Custom CDN
  • Uptime: 99.99% 
  • 30 Second Average Live Chat Response Time 24/7/365
  • Free SSL Certificate

starts from $ 20.83 per month

wpx hosting logo

Starting at

$ 20.83


• 99.95% Uptime guarantee:

• High-Speed Custom CDN

• Free SSL certificate